SMI president Erik Lindsley said that SkinSpect incorporates advances in hyperspectral imaging, autofluorescence measurement and polarization-gated detection achieved by SMI researchers and consultants through experiences cumulatively reaching more than 100 years.

“The software controlling image acquisition and handling is completely new, driven by an intuitive touch screen interface and allowing effortless data and patient monitoring, image archiving and analysis, and internet-based data transfer and tele-consults; its design is compliant with and conducive to electronic medical record generation and tracking,” Lindsley said.

SMI chairman and chief executive officer Daniel Farkas said that the new system is extremely versatile in acquiring high-resolution image data non-invasively from suspicious skin lesions, on the surface and under it, with a speed that minimizes motion artifacts.

“Moreover we have diligently applied the great potential of hyperspectral imaging in detecting disease with high sensitivity and specificity in the past but nothing seems more exciting to us than the prospect of deploying this technology – upon regulatory approval – for finding early melanoma and thus materially increasing likelihoods of saving lives and reducing treatment costs -clearly unmet needs today,” Farkas said.