The products which have passed the test include Royalite R59, a flame rated PVC/ABS product designed for use in various applications including medical equipment, electronic appliances, and mass transit, Royalite R574a RoHS compliant, flame-rated ABS product that does not contain any PVC or PBDE.

Other products include Royalite R926, a non-halogen, flame-rated PC/ABS product used in various applications in the medical, electronics and transportation industries.

Designed for determining resistance of insulating materials used in medical device housing and casings such as MRI machines and CT scanners, the test applies small steel ball at a standard force to a specimen material at raised temperatures until the ball produces an indentation measuring at two millimeters in diameter.

The temperature at which a two millimeter indentation occurs is the measured result of the test, according to the company.

Royalite Spartech product manager Eric Lattanner said, "Passing the ball pressure test allows us to better serve our customers in the medical equipment industry."