"Now that we have added the Dual Lamina construct to the armamentarium, our StabiLink® System offers the surgeon the broadest selection of implants to best meet the anatomical needs of their patients," stated David C. Field, CEO of Southern Spine.

"We have had hundreds of successful cases with our StabiLink MIS Spinal Fixation System and we are excited about our continued growth in this expanding market segment."

The new Dual Lamina constructs, like all the StabiLink System implants, are designed to work with innovative PG (Precision Guided) Inserter/Compressor that truly redefines ease-of-use.

"We have found that once a surgeon uses our PGTM Inserter/Compressor to implant our StabiLink® MIS implant, they fully appreciate how simple and complete our system is and how it can significantly reduced the "fiddle-factor" and surgery time associated with other instrumentation," stated Mr. Field.

The StabiLink MIS Spinal Fixation System is FDA Cleared and CE Marked.