Sound World Solutions announces the availability of the CS50, the company's second model in the technologically advanced Bluetooth Series of personal sound amplifiers. The CS50 features an Apple iOS 7-compatible customizer app, enabling users to adjust sound performance from an iPhone.

The CS50 is designed for consumers who need occasional help hearing but don’t want a hearing aid. Also functioning as a high-quality Bluetooth headset for mobile phones, it will operate up to 15 hours on its rechargeable battery.

In addition, it can stream a variety of audio sources including music, audio books and podcasts. The CS50 features improved directionality for listening assistance in noisy environments, such as restaurants.

"Directionality is the only way to improve intelligibility in noisy environments," said Dr. Stavros Basseas, co-founder and president of Sound World Solutions. "We are very pleased with how much background noise the algorithms of the CS50 can attenuate. It is dramatically better than even our previous product."

Out of the box, users can adjust volume and access settings designed for specific environments. They can also toggle between three preset amplification profiles. The device allows even greater personalization using a free app for Apple iOS 7, Android, Windows or Mac OS X.

The app walks users through a short personalization program to create a customized sound profile. The app also has an equalizer that allows users to adjust treble, mid-range and bass frequencies to further personalize their sound.

"Regardless of how comfortable the user is with technology, they can get benefit from the CS50," said Basseas. "All of the settings can easily be accessed from the controls on the device. Users with smartphones can achieve a deeper level of programming and control with our optional app. The product is capable of being as simple or as sophisticated as the user wants it to be."

The CS50 is available for purchase in right- or left-ear versions for $349.99, backed by a no risk 30-day money back guarantee. Each kit contains two rechargeable batteries, a charging station, carrying case and a variety of ear tips for customizable fit.

Sound World Solutions introduced its first Bluetooth Series personal sound amplifier, the CS10, in February 2013. This revolutionary product garnered widespread media attention from CBS News, National Public Radio and the New York Times, and was named a finalist in the 2013 Chicago Innovation Awards.