All of the features of Sorin’s previous EVH device, ClearGlide were retained.

This includes an open CO2 system, low operating temperature and a smooth cut and seal that require no additional ‘tugging’ on the vessel.

Sorin Group said VascuClear is not reliant on sealed gas insufflation and carries little to no risk of CO2 embolism or intraluminal clot formation.

The VascuClear Precision Bipolar design improvements include an easy-to-use button configuration with textured buttons to provide a better feel and grip.

The controls are spring loaded to return the jaw to a neutral position when released.

A bright tip on the jaw improves visibility while inside the harvesting tunnel and handles have an improved ergonomic feel and keep cords out of the way.

Cardiopulmonary and Intercontinental Business Units president Michel Darnaud said the introduction of VascuClear provides clinicians with the newest tool for minimally invasive endoscopic vessel harvesting and strengthens their comprehensive line of cardiovascular products and services.