The electrode technology developed by Sooma R&D team dramatically reduces the resistance in the skin-electrode interface when compared to competing solutions. Further benefits of the patented technology are faster patient preparation and superior accuracy in delivery of the stimulation dose. The hydrophilic properties of the material ensure stable contact for extended periods of time.

This technology is the result of a long term research project with industrial and academic partners finally reaching product

stage. The company strategy is to keep the focus of technological innovations where it matters most to the patient and the clinical user: ease of use and patient safety. Since the launch of the new electrode more than 1000 patients worldwide have received Sooma tDCS treatment in more than 20.000 treatment sessions.

With yet another patent secured in the IP portfolio, Sooma Medical strengthens its position as the leading provider of home-based neuromodulation solutions with a unique product portfolio.

Sooma tDCS is a therapy product using weak electrical stimulation (transcranial direct current stimulation, tDCS) and is intended for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD), chronic pain and fibromyalgia. The devices are used by professionals and patients in over 100 clinics worldwide. In a recently published report, 59% of patients suffering from major depression obtained a treatment response after only 3 weeks of treatment. Sooma Medical product portfolio also includes a digital platform for remote supervision of patient compliance, behavioral changes, and treatment outcome.

Sooma Medical has obtained regulatory approvals for the product in the following markets: EU (Class IIa), Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey. In the U.S. the FDA limits the use of the tDCS for investigational use only. Sooma products are distributed in over 30 countries.

Source: Company Press Release