The new SonoCiné automated whole breast ultrasound (AWBUS) is a new medical imaging technology for early breast cancer detection.

SonoCiné AWBUS technology and new 3D whole breast multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) software connect to any ultrasound machine.

The new software provides radiologists with systematic and automated screening examination for the early detection of cancer in dense breast tissue.

It connects to standard ultrasound machines to offer a consistent and repeatable scan of the whole breast, including the axilla (underarm / lymph nodes).

The new software package provides viewing in three dimensions, comprising of transverse, coronal and sagittal views

Users of the new 3D software can apply whole breast multiplanar reconstruction to further investigate the region, after an area of suspicion has been identified using SonoCiné AWBUS.

The 3D view displays the area being interrogated from all three planes, including coronal, transverse and sagittal.

SonoCiné CEO Elmar Davé said: "The SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) has quickly become a leading detection technology.

“Now, with the addition of our 3D multiplanar reconstruction software, SonoCiné yet again has raised the standard of care in women's imaging.

SonoCiné inventor and founder Dr Kevin Kelly said: "Our goal is to discover invasive breast cancer in dense breasts as early as possible in order to prevent the ravages of both the disease and its treatment.”

Image: SonoCine releases 3D multiplanar reconstruction software to improve breast cancer detection. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / SonoCine.