SomnoMed, to facilitate its operation in Spain, has entered into an agreement with Mondental to provide handling and after sales service.

Mondental, based outside Barcelona was also given agency status by SomnoMed to sell the SomnoDent product line to its client base of over 1,000 dentists in Spain and Portugal.

Currently, SomnoMed is in the process of recruiting a national sales and marketing manager for this new territory to be based in Barcelona or Madrid.

SomnoMed executive chairman Dr Peter Neustadt said that after concluding agreements and starting operations in Finland and UK/Ireland very recently, Spain and Portugal was the third area the company is planning to start marketing its SomnoDent products in the financial year 2014/15.

"Spain and Portugal, together with the other newly opened markets in Europe, should allow SomnoMed to cement its leadership position in Europe and secure growth for years to come. Our preparation for the education of dentists and physicians has started and we hope to see first sales during the Northern summer," Dr Neustadt added.

SomnoMed, with the inclusion of Spain and Portugal, is now operating in 16 countries in Central, Northern and Southern Europe.