TheraSkin is a cryo-preserved human skin allograft with both epidermis and dermis layers. When applied to a wound that is not healing properly, it can jumpstart the healing process. It provides a supply of growth factors, cytokines and collagen to promote wound healing. It is a superior alternative to Live Skin Equivalent (LSE) products currently used to help heal chronic wounds.

TheraSkin represents a new entry into the advanced biologics wound care market. Growing at better than 15% per year, the advanced biologics market is one of the growing segments of the $5bn global wound care market.

The launch of TheraSkin provides health care practitioners a new weapon in the battle to reduce health care costs. The companies claimed that, depending on size, TheraSkin fees are 50% to 70% less than LSE’s on the market and can save the national healthcare system hundreds of millions of dollars.

Reportedly, TheraSkin has been applied to thousands of patients, including patients at six Veterans Administration Hospitals, the National Institutes of Health Hospital, and a large number of private hospitals. A number of clinical studies have been conducted in multiple sites and countries to prove the safety and clinical efficacy of TheraSkin.

Allan Staley, president of Soluble Systems, said: “TheraSkin is a major addition to our product line and is synergistic to TheraGauze, our line of advanced polymer moisture regulating wound dressings. With TheraSkin we are able to extend Soluble Systems proven healing technologies to a larger group of high-need patients.”

Rony Thomas, president and CEO of LifeNet Health, said: “We are committed to working with Soluble Systems to bring this life and limb saving treatment to patients in need around the world. We’re honored to be a part of this medical advancement that will be able to restore health to many patients who suffer with chronic wounds.”