Under the terms of the acquisition, Solta acquired CLRS for the payment of $1.1m of debt at the closing and potential future payments based on CLRS revenue and operating income through the end of 2011.

CLRS Technology’s device, Claro, is a personal care acne system that is based on the same Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology used by skin experts worldwide.

Claro is the only FDA cleared over-the-counter IPL device that uses a combination of both heat and light to clear skin quickly and naturally, CLRS Technology said.

Solta Medical chairman of the Board, president and CEO Stephen Fanning said that treatment of acne with their current physician-led product, Isolaz, provides patients an effective alternative to oral drug treatments and their associated side effects.

“With Claro, we will be able to provide patients access to clinically proven technology in the comfort of their own home. Our goal is to extend the success that we have demonstrated during the past year with the Thermage, Fraxel, and Isolaz brands, to the personal care space with Claro,” Fanning said.

CLRS Technology CEO and founder Richard Oberreiter said that they believe that under the Solta Medical umbrella, Claro can achieve its full market potential, both in the US and abroad.