Solta Medical, a provider of aesthetics solutions, has introduced Fraxel re:pair SST Laser technology in the US.

Fraxel re:pair SST features two fractional handpieces comprising of fractional micro-dermal ablation (FMDA) 600 micron handpiece which is designed for both shallow and deep fractional skin resurfacing needs and heals in minimum time.

Fraxel re:pair SST also includes two ablative handpieces for incisional, debulking and full-coverage skin resurfacing treatments.

The technology also provides the benefits and ease of the company’s proprietary intelligent optical tracking system (IOTS) which allows smooth and precise energy application as opposed to the stamping method of less advanced lasers.

Solta Medical president and chief executive officer Stephen Fanning said Fraxel re:pair SST and Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 respectively offer ablative and non-ablative solutions for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and clinicians.

"Since 2003, more than 800,000 Fraxel procedures have been safely performed in over 80 countries on patients of all ages, skin types and body areas, resulting in significant clinical outcomes and unmatched physician acceptance," Fanning added.