The CrossCHECK implant system, which is available in various sizes and configurations, offers unique compression and stabilization features.

The plates are manufactured with a Type II anodization that enhances the fatigue strength of the device, and thus improves stabilization.

The specially designed ridges that are built into the plates enhance grip and act as a buttress during the compression process.

Solana Surgical research and development vice president Rebecca Wahl said: "Studies have shown that similar ridges can also improve host bone health."

Commercialization of the CrossCHECK plating system will follow in the first quarter of 2014. First phase of the commercialization will include plates that will be primarily used for stabilization and fixation (leading to fusion) in the forefoot and mid-foot.

The CrossCHECK System joins Solana Surgical’s products family which include the FuseFORCE fixation system, TenFUSE PIP with sterile instruments, TenFUSE nail, SolaFIX screw system, MDI metatarsal decompression implant, LMH lesser metatarsal head implant, TenSIX acellular dermal tissue, TenSIX cancellous sponge, TenSIX moldable putty and the GaitWAY implant system.