Designed for use in the shoulder but indicated for use on all soft tissue types, the 90-degree wand was developed to use with the WEREWOLF COBLATION System.

Smith & Nephew’s patented COBLATION technology has been shown to deliver faster patient recovery3 and better long-term patient outcomes1,2 compared to mechanical debridement in the knee according to a level 1 randomized controlled trial carried out over 10 years.

“FLOW 90 was fantastic. It excels at rapid bulk tissue removal while remaining very precise. FLOW 90’s triangular tip also enables you to do excellent dissection,” commented Dr. Scott Trenhaile, Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical Center. “This combination of speed, control and dissection is unmatched by any other radio-frequency device, and is an exciting addition to the Smith & Nephew portfolio.”

“We believe the FLOW 90 is quite simply the best wand Smith & Nephew has ever made and we’re confident our customers will feel the same way once they experience it and see the results,” said Brad Cannon, President of Sports Medicine & ENT, Smith & Nephew. “Our unique COBLATION technology continues to be the industry leading choice for arthroscopy and the FLOW 90 Wand is just the latest exciting addition to our growing portfolio of comprehensive shoulder solutions.”

COBLATION technology creates and applies an energy field called ‘glow discharge plasma’, which acts to ablate molecules in the tissue. COBLATION technology operates at lower temperatures than other radio frequency-based technologies,6 allowing for precise removal of soft tissue with minimal damage to untargeted tissue.

Source: Company Press Release