The G-EYE endoscope distributed by Pentax Medical is based on its full HD+ colonoscopes, combining Smart Medical Systems’ G-EYE technology.

G-EYE endoscope is a high quality HD+ Pentax Medical colonoscope, featuring a permanently integrated Smart Medical Systems’ G-EYE balloon.

Employing a Controlled Withdrawal technique with the balloon partially inflated, the G-EYE HD+ endoscope centralizes the image in the colon lumen and flattens colon folds, thereby providing enhanced visualization of the colon and enabling an increase in polyp detection.

G-EYE endoscope provides enhanced detection of polyps and adenomas. The G-EYE balloon is used for endoscope stabilization during the endoscopic treatment, thereby allowing easier and faster polyp removal.

Smart Medical Systems CEO Gadi Terliuc noted the company’s alliance with Pentax Medical provides it with a great opportunity to serve the European medical community, enabling better treatment for patients and enhancing physicians’ capabilities during the colonoscopy procedure.

"The G-EYE colonoscope provides optimal visualization and exceptional detection capabilities. Clinical studies show additional adenoma detection yield of over 80%, almost doubled in comparison to standard colonoscopy," Terliuc added.

Pentax Medical and Smart Medical Systems indicated their planned cooperation at the recently held United European Gastroenterology Week in Berlin, Germany.