The company is making its US Food and Drug Administration-approved Streamway system for automated, direct-to-drain medical fluid disposal available through Attainia software.

Skyline Medical CEO Josh Kornberg noted the company’s partnership with Attainia will increase awareness among healthcare organizations worldwide that they have an alternative to the antiquated, high-risk fluid disposal methods they’ve been using for years.

"The patented Streamway System is the first truly closed system designed specifically for medical applications, where safety simply cannot be compromised. Our system is a one-piece, wall-mounted unit that connects directly to a facility’s plumbing system to minimize human intervention, provide unlimited capacity, and eliminate the cost and environmental waste of canisters.

"By working closely with clinical teams and architect partners in the early stages, we can ensure a seamless and successful installation.

"Currently, more than 2,000 active healthcare projects are being planned using Attainia software systems, totaling more than $30 billion. As a leading provider for healthcare planning, Attainia was a logical choice for our new alternative solution to fluid waste management," Kornberg added.

The Streamway system will debut in the Attainia catalog in mid-February under two fluid waste management categories — surgical fluid collection and surgical fluid disposal — since the single automated system covers both functions.

The Streamway system is used in operating rooms, as well endoscopy, radiology and other specialty departments.