The US Food and Drug Administration approved STREAMWAY system is designed to improve safety and efficiency in the operating room by safely and seamlessly managing surgical fluid waste disposal with its direct-to-drain technology.

The STREAMWAY system virtually eliminates certain operating room workers’ exposure to blood, irrigation fluid and other potentially infectious fluids found in the surgical environment while dramatically decreasing costs to dispose of surgical waste.

The system is designed to be installed into each surgical room and connected directly into a hospital’s existing drain and vacuum system.

Skyline Medical CEO Josh Kornberg noted the STREAMWAY System was already the most advanced fluid management disposal system on the market, especially in light of a major competitor’s products being recalled due to safety issues last year.

"Now, with improvements that boost both safety and performance, we can offer the healthcare system a product that allows them to have all the safety factors they deserve for both their staff and patients.

"We know that safety is of the utmost importance to healthcare professionals, which is why it was the focal point in the innovative improvements we have made to the STREAMWAY System," Kornberg added.

The enhanced version of the STREAMWAY system is designed to be even more intuitive including a colored touchscreen, step by step menu controls, an easy-to-navigate digital color operator control panel and back-ups for additional storage.

The unit will feature a simplified cleaning process and a smaller footprint where it is installed, all helping personnel streamline the fluid waste disposal process in a safe, efficient manner.