SIRS-Lab and Analytik Jena have decided to work together in the field of molecular sepsis diagnostics.

As part of the cooperation, Analytik Jena’s subsidiary AJ Innuscreen is expected to provide the partner with a platform for automated isolation of nucleic acids with the associated reagent system worth almost half a million euro.

Barbara Staehelin, CEO of SIRS-Lab, said: “Analytik Jena provides us with special reagents and instruments, tailored to our developments, for the fully automated extraction of DNA in whole blood samples. The clinical studies currently underway to validate the test should create the conditions to start marketing our sepsis diagnostics very soon.”

Klaus Berka, CEO of Analytik Jena, said: “In the field of sepsis diagnosis, speed plays a vital role in identifying infections and detecting pathogens. Analytik Jena’s cooperation with SIRS-Lab offers great potential for the challenging area of diagnostics.”

Located in Jena, Germany, SIRS-Lab is a molecular diagnostic company which develops and commercialises products to identify life-threatening infections such as sepsis.

Analytik Jena concentrates its biotechnological expertise in the Life Science division. Its service includes automated individual and complete solutions for molecular diagnostics.