Siren, a health technology company that pioneered the development of microsensor-embedded textiles for medical applications, announced that it is augmenting its Siren Socks product offering by launching Siren Staffing, a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program. Initial customers include StrideCare and Village Podiatry Centers.

Siren Socks continuously track foot temperature and were developed to help patients living with diabetes manage their foot health more effectively. Temperature monitoring has been clinically established as an important physiologic marker of injury and is recommended as a tool to detect and prevent diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). DFUs occur in 25% of people with diabetes, accounting for over $43 billion in annual healthcare costs in the U.S., and are the leading cause of amputations.

Siren Staffing builds on the benefits of Siren Socks by utilizing licensed practical nurses to coordinate RPM activities with podiatric practices. Program nurses monitor temperature data collected by Siren Socks and contact patients who may be at risk of developing injuries to evaluate the status of their feet.

“With Siren Staffing, we now offer the first fully integrated remote patient monitoring solution in podiatry,” said Ran Ma, Siren co-founder and CEO. “We have combined an easy to use monitoring device, continuous data recording and analysis using proprietary algorithms, and a staff of trained nurses into a cohesive, end-to-end offering that allows any podiatric practice to successfully implement RPM and help patients avoid complications arising from foot ulcers.”

“Implementing Siren Staffing has made my practice more efficient and effective,” said Dr. Gavin Ripp, DPM, of Premier Podiatry & Orthopedics in Northern California. “The team works closely together to monitor patients and coordinate care with our systems. The result is that I am able to quickly act with greater information. This comprehensive solution allows us to monitor more patients to detect signs of inflammation and injury earlier and intervene effectively.”

Source: Company Press Release