The patent, which was based on the company’s technology used to simulate an image guided angioplasty procedure, allows physicians to rehearse a complete endovascular procedure on a virtual 3D anatomical model based on a specific patient’s CT data.

The model, once exported to the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor simulation environment, is used for simulating, analyzing and evaluating preoperative surgical treatment options prior to performing the actual procedure, which increases physician’s confidence in the upcoming procedure.

The patent also covers various broad uses for the technology including use in DICOM format, use of 4D data, use as a study case (i.e. post-operative use), demonstration of a planned procedure to a patient, claims the company.

Simbionix CFO Boaz Tal said, "Having been granted the patent is an additional sign of recognition for the Simbionix comprehensive line of products, which provide innovative solutions to enhance clinical performance and advance patient safety."