The company intends to launch the product in coming months in the European Union, which was developed for orthopedic reduction and internal fixation (ORIF).

Silver Bullet Therapeutics president and CEO Paul Chirico said: "The most complex orthopedic reduction and fixation procedures also tend to be associated with higher incidences of wound contamination and associated infections.

"Our OrthoFuzIon active antimicrobial cannulated bone screw system is the first of its kind on the market and can reduce and/or eliminate contamination of the implanted fixation devices."

The system includes platinum plated cannulated titanium bone screw and silver plated nitinol insert, which fits into the inner lumen of the screw cannula.

OrthoFuzIon produces silver ions that actively reduce microbial contamination and can be implanted in the same manner as traditional bone screws to reduce and fixate a lower extremity fracture.

According to the company, in vitro testing of the OrthoFuzIon screw demonstrated bactericidal activity against MRSA and other common pathogens.