The new portable device has been developed to use ultrasound technology to automatically and non-invasively calculate bladder volume.

According to the company, the new hand-held bladder scanner will reduce health care costs in hospitals and home-care support services.

Signostics business development vice president Steve Wilson said: "Catheterization of patients with suspected urinary retention is a significant cause of urinary tract infections increasing the length of hospital stays.

"Research shows using ultrasound to accurately measure bladder volume before catheterization can reduce urinary tract infections by up to 50 per cent2, which is significant for both health providers and patients."

According to Wilson, SignosRT Bladder SignosRT Bladder addresses the growing need for mobile medical devices that enabled better diagnosis and care at the bedside.

SignosRT Bladder is already available in Australia and New Zealand with applications across different medical sectors, including aged care, home nursing, midwifery, urology and palliative care.

The company plans to launch the portable device in Europe in March 2015.

Image: SignosRT Bladder scanner. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.