On display this year are Soarian Financials, Soarian Quality Measures, and Siemens Financial Services, Inc. (SFS Inc.), together providing tools that enable customers to focus on streamlining their revenue cycle workflow and quality-improvement processes, as well as securing funding for important projects and purchases.

“At Siemens, we understand the challenges that healthcare financial professionals face in financing the delivery of cost-effective healthcare in an increasingly complex economic and regulatory environment,” explains Mitch Icenhower, senior director, business management, health services, Siemens Healthcare. “We are pleased to support provider organizations through the educational programs offered by HFMA and through our commitment to providing health IT solutions designed to address current and future challenges posed by market–driven and government-mandated initiatives.”

Soarian Financials, an enterprise-wide Health IT solution, represents the revenue-cycle innovation, going beyond traditional patient management, patient accounting, and practice management systems by embedding core functionality that includes a contract engine, an enterprise-wide master person index, a claims engine and editor, business analytics, and denial management.

Soarian Quality Measures is a healthcare data-mining tool, enabled by the REMIND (Reliable Extraction and Meaningful Inference from Non-structured Data) Platform.