The Siemens booth at this year’s 2009 AACC will feature a number of Siemens newest instruments and assays, including: Dimension EXL with LM (LOCI module) System

Dimension Vista 500 System

IMMULITE 2000 XPi System

ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System

StreamLAB with ADVIA Centaur XP System Connectivity

CLINITEK AUWi Automated Urinalysis Workcell System

CLINITEK Status Connect System

RAPIDPoint 340/350 Blood Gas Systems

VERSANT kPCR System Sample Prep

Siemens will also feature the newest assays from their extensive test menu, including INNOVANCE D-Dimer, Hemoglobin A1c to monitor patients with diabetes,CardioPhase hsCRP for cardiac risk assessment, Cystatin C for identifying kidney dysfunction, Berichrom Heparin calibrators and controls used with tests that monitor heparin levels and new concentrated reagents that are diluted automatically on any ADVIA chemistry system on a per-test basis.