Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has signed two new three-year agreements with Novation as the sole source for urine chemistry, combined urine chemistry and microscopy systems, and for microbiology systems and panels.

The new contracts, effective 1 August 2010 for urinalysis and 1 November 2010 for microbiology, provide access to the Clinitek and MicroScan family of products.

The members served by Novation have access to a complete line of Siemens products including chemistry, immunochemistry, integrated systems, automation solutions, hemostasis, molecular, hematology and the urinalysis and microbiology systems and tests.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics chief executive officer Michael Reitermann said that they are pleased to expand their relationship with Novation and offer the members serving a broad portfolio of products and at Siemens they are focused on providing solutions to ensure their customers’ success.