Siemens Healthcare announced that Royal Liverpool University Hospital in Liverpool, England has installed its two Somatom Definition AS and AS+ CT scanners. The installation was into the radiology department for outpatient cardiac and colonography cases and into accident and emergency department for use in trauma, emergency intervention and brain perfusion imaging respectively. Somatom Definition AS+ is an adaptive scanner, intended for neurological and cardiac imaging, obtaining fast coverage with 128 slices per rotation. Images temporal resolution is of 150 ms and is free from movement artifacts and shows the fine anatomical details to assist with diagnosis and treatment planning. Definition AS+ has adaptive 4D Spiral capabilities that gives whole organ coverage in 4D for tumour perfusion, allowing clinicians to see an entire picture instead of preselecting a narrow section to evaluate for perfusion defects. The adaptable Somatom Definition AS speeding up exams is intended for patients such as children, the obese and those suffering from claustrophobia. It combines components like the Adaptive Dose Shield, which blocks radiation.