The company said that the new behind-the-ear (BTE) devices add to the Nitro range and introduce direct wireless connection to any telephone, MP3 player, TV or other audio source via Siemens’ Tek system utilising Bluetooth technology. Furthermore, intelligent and automatic voice and noise management features reduce extraneous noises and amplify the spoken word for a superior hearing experience.

Nitro SP also features an adaptive T-coil to reduce fluctuations in sound levels when listening through an induction loop or telephone receiver. This is of particular benefit in large or busy environments where accompanying noises can be reduced to provide improved audibility and speech intelligibility.

Nitro has been available in 17 different colours from bright berry red or lime green to neutral skin and hair tones. The sleek BTE housings are also tailored to the natural shape of the ear for easy and comfortable everyday wearing. Both Nitro 300 SP and Nitro 700 SP utilise either a discreet ProPocket or the sleek and modern ePen remote control for volume adjustments and program changes.

Liz Martin, product manager of Retail at Siemens Hearing Instruments, said: “People with a severe hearing impairment often remain closed off from the acoustic world, able only to hear sounds within an extremely limited range, while speech becomes almost inaudible. The challenge for manufacturers is to develop instruments that offer high amplification and very fine adjustment capacity because users can quickly find the sound volume too high or too low.

“Our BTE Nitro SP instruments utilise the most advanced technology to achieve this, converting a broad range of speech, music and sound into a narrow dynamic range to meet user requirements.”