Siemens Healthcare is introducing the SOMATOM Definition Flash in the Middle East. The SOMATOM Definition Flash is a CT scanner will set new standards regarding dose reduction and speed. The SOMATOM Definition Flash requires only a fraction of the radiation dose that systems previously required to scan even the tiniest anatomical details faster than ever before. The system is a new Dual-Source CT from Siemens which features two X-ray tubes that simultaneously revolve around the patient's body. The fastest scanning speed in CT which is 43 cm/s and a temporal resolution of 75 ms, enable a complete scans of the entire chest region in just 0.6 seconds. Hence patients are no longer required to hold their breath during the exam as it was in the past. The SOMATOM Definition Flash operates at an extremely reduced radiation dose. A FlashSpiral heart scan can be performed with less than 1 millisievert (mSv), whereas the average effective dose required for this purpose ranges from 8 mSv to 40 mSv. Siemens will launch its new scanner in the Middle East at Arab Health 2009. The new generation of Dual-Source CT scanners which features two X-ray tubes and two detectors, will provide a genuine innovation boost to Dual-Source technology. The speed of the SOMATOM Definition Flash offers advantages, especially during the examinations of moving structures like the thorax and the heart. The gantry which is the X-ray detector system surrounding the bore rotates about its own axis in just 0.28 s. The average effective dose for a heart CT scanner ranges from 8 mSv to 40 mSv, the new CT scanner gets by with less than 1 mSv. The dose values of the new CT scanner lie below those of an intracardiac catheter examination, thus opening up possibilities for using CT scanners for routine cardiological examinations. Dr. Sami Atiya, chief executive officer of Computed Tomography at Siemens Healthcare said: "The SOMATOM Definition Flash is not only the world's fastest CT scanner, but also the one with the lowest radiation exposure. Siemens has always given top priority to radiation dose reduction in the course of CT development. And we are proud that our company has once again set a new standard in this regard."