Riverain Medical said that the SoftView chest imaging technology uses the existing chest X-ray to produce the soft tissue image and eliminates additional dose and motion artifacts commonly associated with dual energy solutions.

SoftView is available from Siemens with Ysio, but can also be acquired as an upgrade for other digital radiography systems from Siemens. The software can easily be integrated and requires no adaptation of the clinical protocols for chest X-rays.

Stefan Palmers of Ghent Hospital, Belgium, who is already working with the technology, said: “Patient positioning, radiation dose and inspiration can make the interpretation of a chest X-ray challenging. SoftView suppresses the ribs and clavicles on a chest X-ray to improve the clarity of the image, even when image quality is low. Siemens Healthcare’s Ysio and Riverain Medical’s SoftView technologies together produce optimal image quality.”