With a housing constructed from one solid piece, watertight microphone membrane and a waterproof battery compartment, Aquaris can be submerged in up to three feet of water.

It features an ergonomic shape and non-slip, textured surface that holds the Aquaris behind the ear to help prevent slipping.

In addition, Aquaris has an optional Sport Clip to secure the instrument during intense movement and high-impact activities and a water-resistant Aquapac to protect audio devices.

Aquaris is equipped with Siemens BestSound Technology with FeedbackStopper and SpeechFocus for sound comfort, clarity and speech understanding.

Siemens Hearing Instruments acting CEO Scott Davis said now people participating in leisure activities that involve water or dust such as sailing, swimming, kayaking or gardening need not worry.

"Aquaris is also ideal for people who live or work in humid or dusty environments, or for anyone who engages in sweat-inducing, physically intense activities like construction work, farming, golfing, hiking, biking or jogging," Davis said.

Siemens Hearing will also be showcasing new products and services like Pure Carat, Pure Special Edition, iMini, miniTek and Aspire at the American Academy of Audiology AudiologyNOW! 2011 conference.

However, these products are not yet available for purchase in some countries.