The Biograph mMR system comprises of MR scanner and an integrated Positron Emission Tomography (PET) detection system which is designed to provide new opportunities for daignostic imaging.

The system has the potential to identify neurological, oncological and cardiac conditions of disease and in supporting the planning of appropriate therapies.

Since MRI does not emit ionizing radiation, Biograph mMR may provide an added benefit with lower-dose imaging and also helps in development of new biomarkers or therapeutic approaches, Siemens Healthcare said.

Siemens Healthcare Magnetic Resonance CEO Walter Maerzendorfer said that Biograph mMR is the latest breakthrough innovation of Siemens in the field of diagnostic imaging and will be a new instrument for driving personalised medicine forward.

Siemens Healthcare Molecular Imaging CEO Britta Fuenfstueck said that Biograph mMR is designed to simultaneously acquire morphology, function, and metabolism for the entire body.