The company said on the Somatom CT scanner, Sinogram affirmed iterative reconstruction (SAFIRE), a method for iterative CT image reconstruction based on raw data, will be used as a standard option.

SAFIRE, with a reconstruction speed of up to 15 images per second, can reduce dose by up to 60% and can also be used in daily clinical routines.

The interleaved volume reconstruction (IVR) method uses information from Somatom Perspective’s 128 CT slices and in combination with detector coverage of 3.8 cm can be used as a scanner for thoracic examinations.

The Somatom Perspective, capable of scanning a 50 cm area with high image quality in just 5.21 seconds, can also be used for scanning high-end neurology and cardiac regions.

Siemens Healthcare CT vice president Kulin Hemani said the company designed the Somatom Perspective with customers’ critical needs in mind, offering user-friendly features that expand the clinical portfolio, improve uptime, and help enable efficient utilization as well as significant patient dose savings.

"These benefits are especially critical for community hospitals, critical access hospitals, and outpatient centers," Hemani added.