Siemens Heathcare has launched its Novagnost Zika Virus IgM µ-capture assay for laboratories outside of the US.

The assay allows improved patient outcomes via differential diagnostics according to the WHO test algorithm.

The assay can detect Zika virus during the acute phase of infection, about a few days after the onset of symptoms. The Novagnost is being offered with Siemens’ recently announced real-time molecular VERSANT Zika RNA 1.0 Assay (KPCR).

Siemens said the combination of the two products can help laboratories Zika assays both for immunoassay and molecular detection.

The company said the Novagnost Zika Virus IgM µ-capture Assay has been designed to be user friendly as it uses the same dilution and the reagents as other Novagnost assays.

The assay can be performed on the BEP III and BEP 2000 Advance Systems and is validated for use on plasma and serum.

Siemens Healthineers Laboratory Diagnostics president Franz Walt said: "As the Zika virus continues to rise as a global public health concern, there is an increased focus on detecting the Zika virus during the acute phase of infection.

"With the introduction of the Novagnost Zika Virus IgM µ-capture Assay, Siemens Healthineers completes laboratories' virus testing menu by delivering assays for both immunoassay and molecular detection."

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