The Somatom Force enables faster imaging, more precise diagnoses reduces doses for even more groups of patients.

The system extends CT imaging capabilities and dose-reduction features to some of the most challenging patients, such as patients who are very young, suffering from renal insufficiency.

Patients suffering from renal insufficiency can benefit from imaging on the Somatom Force, which has the potential to allow radiologists to use significantly less contrast medium. Lowering of the contrast medium is achieved via the two Vectron x-ray tubes in Somatom Force.

According to the company, the Somatom is able to freeze motion via a versatile scanning mode that can perform an exam in roughly one second.

Similar to several new CT scanners available on the market, the Somatom delivers routine adult imaging with fast, low-dose protocols achieved through the power reserves of the scanner’s Vectron tube.

Siemens Healthcare CT and radiation oncology business management vice president Murat Gungor said, "The SOMATOM Force represents a dramatic leap forward in CT technology, helping healthcare organizations improve diagnostic confidence with access to an imaging tool that maximizes the patient experience for many more people in their communities."

Due to its low kV imaging, the Somatom broadens CT’s application for patients with renal insufficiency. In addition, the new CT scanner could help with preventive health care through low-dose lung and colon imaging.