Starting January 1, 2016, CrowdMed will be offered as a pilot to US Shire employees and covered dependents.

CrowdMed aims to use the collective knowledge of medical professionals, medical students and other interested parties to help initially diagnose difficult-to-identify conditions or to provide patients with second opinions on their medical diagnoses.

Using a patented crowdsourcing technology, CrowdMed has resolved over 1,200 real-world medical issues to date with an over 60% success rate*.

Shire believes digital health is a disruptive movement that is already creating opportunities to leverage technology in ways not previously possible to the benefit of patients, medical professionals, and caregivers. As a leading global biotech focused on rare diseases and specialty conditions, Shire embraces innovative ideas and partnerships to address unmet medical needs.

"This pilot program demonstrates Shire’s commitment to exploring novel ideas and services to improve the lives of our employees and their families," said Shire’s Chief Information Office Karl Hick. "CrowdMed may be able to provide a valuable alternative source of information for those struggling with a health condition."

CrowdMed Founder and CEO, Jared Heyman, commented, "We look forward to working with Shire to provide crowdsourced medical answers to every employee who submits a case on CrowdMed."