The Sonialvision G4 is designed to perform angiography, endoscopy, video fluoroscopy for gastrointestinal series and swallowing exams, orthopedic exams, and general radiography.

The system uses low radiation dose levels and acquires high image quality images rapidly. Its patient safety- and hygiene-focused ergonomic design accommodates all sizes of ambulatory and stretcher/wheelchair confined patients.

Its table supports weights up to 700 pounds (318 kilos) and is ideal for bariatric patients.

Equipped with a 17" x 17" flat panel detector (FPD) and Shimadzu’s next generation digital imaging platform, the Sonialvision G4 covers the widest possible range of examinations, providing inter-departmental hospital capability.

Various real-time digital filtering processes effectively suppress halation near skin surfaces and around shadows where organs overlap. Smoother imaging is achieved with no delay or image lags by applying optimal digital filtering and extracting noise components.

Shimadzu’s SLOT BEAM functionality is available as an advanced application option in long spine and limb imaging. With its lower dose profile, SLOT BEAM is an excellent choice for pediatrics.

According to the company, the high speed dual processor simultaneously resolve images, register patient information, and perform other functions quickly without interfering with the examination being performed.

The number of operating steps a technologist needs to perform during an examination is significantly reduced because the x-ray generator, R/F table and digital processor are linked.

Image:Shimadzu Sonialvision G4 universal R/F system receives FDA clearance. Photo courtesy of Shimadzu Medical Systems USA/PRNewswire-iReach