Shifamed founder and chairman Amr Salahieh said that as we see the field move toward smaller systems, the company is proud that its innovative design allowed the company to develop its coaxial steerable technology in the small 4 Fr size.

"Our proprietary design offers the opportunity for reduced overall wall thickness, providing a larger inner diameter for an equal outer diameter. Now, innovators can be in the forefront of designing and developing the smallest catheters available," Salahieh added.

Using industry standard sizing and established device integrity practices, Shifamed analyzed catheter cross sections comparing the pull-wire based technology to the coaxial design and noted that the coaxial design held its wall thickness advantage for sizes up to 12 Fr.

Device testing on numerous sizes showed that the coaxial design had a significant torque response advantage during steering by eliminating the whipping effect and allowing more control and precision on catheter placement. The technology is currently available in 4 to 14 Fr sizes.