US-based medical device and pharmaceutical packaging company Sharps Technology has collaborated with Roncadelle Operations to expand its reach into the global healthcare market.

Roncadelle is engaged in developing safe, novel medical drug delivery devices.

Sharps is also planning to create new sales and distribution opportunities through the addition of new third-party logistics (3PL) partnerships in North America.

Its partnership with Roncadelle will combine the strengths and capabilities of the two companies to develop, market and distribute unique drug delivery solutions worldwide.

It will capitalise on the expanding network of established and new logistics resources.

Sharps CEO Robert Hayes said: “It is exciting to see how well our companies complement each other and how we can leverage our combined relationships, expertise, and resources to build out our distribution network, enhance syringe safety around the world, and introduce novel drug delivery solutions to the healthcare industry.

“As we work through the network expansion and details of our collaboration, we can see that this is great timing and a perfect fit for both Sharps and Roncadelle.”

Sharps and Roncadelle will work together to bring new drug delivery solutions to market and explore ways to combine their complementary product portfolios.

The companies will expand their global reach for both the smart safety disposable syringe and prefillable syringe markets.

They will sell and distribute each other’s product portfolio to their respective areas of influence.

Sharps specialises in the development and manufacturing of innovative drug delivery systems.

Its Securegard and Sologard product lines will focus on low-waste and ultra-low-waste syringe technologies that incorporate active safety features and re-use prevention measures.

Currently, Sharps has a manufacturing facility in Hungary, with plans to expand its manufacturing capacity in the US Based in Italy.

Roncadelle specialises in developing and manufacturing unique passive safety syringes.

The company’s SafeR Retractable Safety Syringe and needles provide a passive safety system with auto-disable reuse prevention features.

It is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), which also provides end-to-end services of advanced, safer medical drug delivery solutions.

The partnership will move Sharps’ America-based market into Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and Roncadelle’s product reach into North and South America.

The synergy between Sharps and Roncadelle will bring together more than 30 established distribution points, through new 3PL partnerships.