Under the agreement, Shanshi has gained rights to market Tensys’ new TL-300 device throughout China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Featuring a tablet supported monitor, TL-300 allows touch screen control and displays real-time hemodynamic data coming from an integrated bracelet, sensor, and wrist frame placed over the patient’s radial artery.

In addition to continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure and arterial waveform, the operator can readily view trend data for up to a 12-hour period.

Avoiding the blind-time associated with a deflated or inaccurate cuff can enhance hemodynamic monitoring, which has been definitively linked to improved clinical outcomes, claims Tensys.

Under terms of the 5-year exclusive supply relationship, both the companies have agreed on cumulative orders of up to $40m.

Zhejiang Shanshi Medical Device general manager Xiaodong Du said, "Our pre-marketing efforts have validated our belief that the T-Line can make a dramatic impact in the Asia-Pacific hemodynamic monitoring markets and Shanshi expects to begin full marketing efforts throughout China in 2013."

Shanshi said it will initially target the T-line technology into the Chinese operating room and intensive care unit markets.