The deployment of eRAD RIS at SZMC represents an even greater expansion in the company’s install base in Israel. eRAD is a subsidiary of RadNet, Inc. and a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions.

SZMC is the largest medical center in Jerusalem, spread across an 11-acre campus, and offers services in multiple specialties.

Known in part for the Wilf Women and Infant Center, which welcomed 21,000 babies this year as one of the most active maternity departments in the western hemisphere, and trauma and emergency medicine care, SZMC is also a highly esteemed academic and research institution.

Professor Jonathan Halevey,  director-general of SZMC, said: “The ability to measure all aspects of healthcare—from report delivery to billing—is critical to quality, and quality is central to our mission at Shaare Zedek. eRAD will give us complete visibility into every aspect of our imaging workflow, which will in turn deepen and sharpen our ability to serve our patients.”

The flexibility of eRAD’s architecture allows for straightforward integration with existing systems at SZMC. Both the hospital’s commercial PACS and its proprietary EMR systems, as well as its speech recognition platform, will interface seamlessly with eRAD RIS, so that greater productivity can be achieved across the board.

“Clear routing of data is crucial,” said Dr. Halevey. “eRAD technology ensures that data isn’t marooned in these separate systems, but that we know, for example, exactly what happens during every patient visit, from A to Z. Because of our size and tempo, having that kind of clarity—the confidence that nothing is getting lost—is very beneficial.”

This smooth flow of information, along with the robust features in eRAD RIS, delivers benefits to referring providers as well. The efficient delivery of reports promotes greater continuity of care, plus RADAR, eRAD’s platform for clinical communication, allows clinicians to collaborate securely.

Compliant, bi-directional sharing—via phone, SMS or email—of any type of clinical information, from or to any device, fosters more accurate and faster communication.

“The heart of our solution is collaboration," said Yossi Avniel, eRAD’s General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“By enabling data to flow freely among sites in the enterprise, and from SZMC to its referring providers and patients, we’re providing the tools necessary for solid clinical collaboration. And that always leads to better patient care. We’re very pleased that SZMC is part of our growing network of installations in Israel.”

Elad Solutions in Tel Aviv, Israel’s leading EMR provider and eRAD’s partner, will implement the RIS system at SZMC. Elad has already implemented eRAD RIS at several locations in Israel and provides 24/7 support.

Shaare Zedek Medical Center is the largest multi-specialty hospital in Jerusalem, with 30 inpatient and 70 outpatient departments.

Named after the Biblical term “Gates of Righteousness,” it has provided care for patients of every race, nationality and religion since its inception in 1902.