Sequenom president and CEO William Welch said: "Carrier screening remains an important part of genetic risk assessment and is now being utilized by physicians for patients planning families."

The HerediT Universal test can screen around 250 genetic diseases by analyzing over 2,000 genetic mutations.

It can be performed preconception or at any time during pregnancy, while current options are limited to single gene testing or tests that can identify around 100 hereditary conditions.

Recombine CEO Alex Bisignano said: "We are excited to collaborate with Sequenom Laboratories, the market leader in noninvasive prenatal testing, to bring this expanded carrier screening technology to the OB/GYN and maternal fetal medicine space.

"This strategic alliance will help us reach more patients, and enable them to use comprehensive genetic testing and counseling services to make informed decisions in family planning."

Sequenom Laboratories markets molecular genetic laboratory-developed tests under the brand names HerediT, MaterniT21 PLUS SensiGene and VisibiliT. These tests provide early patient management information for obstetricians, geneticists, and maternal fetal medicine specialists.