At Johns Hopkins University, he designed novel MRI guided devices and robotic systems for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. The devices and robotic systems have been used successfully in clinical trials for biopsy and marker placement. Axel’s research produced 9 journal papers and 17 conference publications. He developed and co-developed two patents, which were licensed by Sentinelle Medical to become the core Intellectual Property (IP) to Sentinelle’s prostate program.

“Sentinelle is a leader in the development of breast MRI technology and is now pursuing MRI applications in prostate cancer management”, said Cameron Piron, Sentinelle’s president and chief executive officer. “We anticipate equivalent clinical success in this area. The prostate provides significant challenges to traditional imaging and interventional approaches. As in breast cancer screening, we expect the high sensitivity of MRI to be a significant tool in the detection and management of this disease. Dr. Krieger’s innovations will allow Sentinelle to provide unique and impactful solutions for radiologists, in the battle against prostate cancer. We are excited to have Dr. Krieger lead Sentinelle’s R&D team in developing new technology to deliver improved patient healthcare.”