This integration allows Eversense CGM data to be synced into Glooko’s platform directly from the Senseonics cloud. Eversense users will be able to view historical glucose and related data both in Glooko’s Mobile and Web Apps while continuing to get real-time readings from their Eversense Mobile App. Healthcare professionals can now view their patients’ data in the Glooko Population Tracker in interactive reports alongside other data residing in Glooko.

“Glooko has a large database of millions of users who are now able to see a clearer picture of their glucose profiles by integrating Eversense CGM data,” said Tim Goodnow, President and CEO of Senseonics. “With personalized medicine at the forefront of health care, data integration between Eversense CGM and Glooko helps provide customized data for users, as well as healthcare providers. We believe this information can empower our community to help manage their diabetes with new insights and actions and, ultimately, improve lives.”

The Eversense CGM System consists of a fluorescence-based sensor, a smart transmitter worn over the sensor to facilitate data communication, and a mobile app for displaying glucose values, trends and alerts. In addition to featuring the first long-term and first implantable CGM sensor, the system is also first to feature a smart transmitter that provides wearers with discreet on-body vibratory alerts for high and low glucose and that can be removed, recharged and re-adhered without discarding the sensor. The sensor is inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm by a health care provider via a brief in-office procedure.

“We are excited to launch support for the breakthrough Eversense CGM on the Glooko platform,” said Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko. “Eversense is an innovative solution for making glucose data more accessible, and we feel users will get tremendous value out of seeing this data correlated with food, activity, and medication information they log in Glooko to help them make treatment decisions.”

Source: Company Press Release