Global molecular diagnostics innovator, Sense Biodetection (Sense), today announced that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Una Health (Una) for the UK distribution of the Veros Covid-19 Test, the first test on Sense’s Veros rapid, instrument-free, point-of-care molecular testing platform. The self-contained, single use Veros platform produces PCR lab quality results in 15 minutes without a reader or external power. Una is a leading specialty medical distributor focused on improving outcomes at the point-of-care and is well-known for its ability to cultivate new markets with innovative technology. For Sense, the agreement with Una is the first in a series of expected announcements in anticipation of regulatory approvals to commercialize its Veros platform in the UK and Europe.

“Una is an ideal commercial partner because of its exceptional experience in launching new products and creating opportunities for improved patient care,” commented Ryan Roberts, Chief Commercial Officer at Sense. “Una’s strong relationships with customers in the point-of-care segment will be well served by the benefits that our rapid Veros Covid test can bring to the healthcare delivery process, providing the confidence of lab quality results wherever they are needed. We look forward to working with Una as we introduce the first Veros branded products to UK customers.”

“Being able to offer our customers an instrument free, PCR-quality result in minutes and at the point of care is exactly the kind of product that reflects our ethos of delivering product offerings that improve operational, clinical and economic outcomes in the healthcare system,” said Fiona Jacobs, Managing Director of Una Health. “As the Corona virus continues to significantly impact all aspects of society, the Veros Covid-19 Test is a powerful tool to help us return to our normal lives.”

Veros has the potential to be the first and only instrument-free, single-use, rapid, point-of-care molecular diagnostic testing platform that produces lab-quality results within 15 minutes. Unconstrained by an instrument or reader, the Veros platform can help to improve access to rapid, highly accurate, point of care testing for many more people. In its first application, Veros can help improve speed to treatment and reduce the spread of COVID-19 with faster, more precise diagnoses. Using a proprietary, rapid molecular amplification technology, Veros aims to deliver instrument-free, PCR-quality laboratory results directly to users within minutes.

Source: Company Press Release