, a pioneering company specializing in neurofeedback and personalized brain-training solutions today announced its global release. The best-in-class brain training system, which includes a headset and gamified app experience, was developed to offer measurable progression, enhance cognitive performance, elevate inner wellbeing and provide deep insight. The unrivaled technology marries measurable and advanced neurofeedback training with heart coherence training, transcranial photobiomodulation (light stimulation), brain function performance testing, and meditation training, making it the most sophisticated and personalized system on the market. delivers these five core components in a closed-loop system that measures and adapts to the user’s biosignals in real-time, providing actionable feedback and results. harnesses event related potentials (ERPs) to measure brain processing speed and function, providing users with a unique opportunity to reach their full cognitive potential and optimize their brain performance. ERPs are electrical signals generated by the brain in response to specific time-locked stimuli or events. They hold valuable insights into cognitive processes, attention, memory, and sensory perception. By integrating ERPs into its system, is able to offer a unique advantage over traditional cognitive training approaches with a level of precision and personalization that has never been possible before. This revolutionary technology can help users improve all areas over life – spanning academic advancement, to professional success, to personal relationships and self-realization.

“Historically, there’s been a massive barrier to entry for brain training technology,” said Paola Telfer, Founder and CEO. “People who want to benefit from neurofeedback and reap the full benefits haven’t been able to because most offerings are expensive and only accessible in labs and research settings. We know people are passionate about optimizing their health and unlocking their full potential, and our revolutionary technology makes this more achievable than ever before.”

Telfer founded to help all people tap into the transformative power of neurofeedback, enhancing the most important moments in life. While she’s a serial entrepreneur and proud female founder with an impressive list of degrees focused on electrical engineering and chip design, Paola was inspired to develop this innovation from a deeply personal, life-altering accident that left her searching for solutions to get her brain function back to optimal.

“’s core mission is to empower people with the technology and training to unlock higher levels of wellbeing, performance and consciousness,” said Dr. Mark Atkinson, a renowned medical doctor and Founder of Human Potential Academy. “They have developed an extraordinary home-use training system that incorporates advanced meditation training alongside real-time personalized neurofeedback, light stimulation and heart coherence training. Their enhanced neurofeedback system is going to provide millions of people with a way to train their brain and unlock their potential from home. retails for $1,500 USD and ships worldwide. Each headset can support up to 5 members. Each member’s account is personalized using’s closed-loop system with its Boost, Train and Assess modes. Boosts use transcranial photobiomodulation technology so you can feel a change in your mental state that day. For example, you can use a Drive boost at the start of your day, a Chill boost to wind down or a Snooze boost before sleep. is a guided gamified App experience which will unlock and recommend Missions for you, complete with a schedule of Training programs. It has over a dozen Training Programs that can be experienced in as short as 15 minutes. Based on your experience and goals, new Programs and Missions unlock over time within an interstellar gamified UX. Users receive quantified results based on their biometric data after each Session and after each use of Assess, a 10 minute brain function test. is a guided multisensory experience that can help you hone your focus, improve your stress management, get better sleep and have direct experience of deep meditative states.

Source: Company Press Release