SenoRx Inc. has announced the launch of StarchMark biopsy site marker. This is the first and only breast biopsy marker that uses polysaccharide (starch) pellets to help manage and control bleeding. The company received 510(k) clearance for StarchMark in August 2008. "Starch is a known haemostatic agent with a long history of use to help control bleeding," said Lloyd Malchow, SenoRx President and Chief Executive Officer. "This novel use in our new StarchMark biopsy site marker provides an effective option for patients with known bleeding issues." The company plans a full commercial launch of StarchMark at the 10th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons in San Diego, April 22-26, 2009, where a white paper on the initial results utilizing the StarchMark entitled "A Prospective Clinical Study of the SenoRx StarchMark Biopsy Site Marker," authored by John D. Corbitt, MD and Lori Anthony, PAC, MPH, will be available.