SelfEcho is launching its new mobile mental health platform designed to transform how clinicians track patient progress in between therapy visits.

The Mobile Therapy system is a web-based dashboard and mobile application that collects patient data on an ongoing, voluntary basis that clinicians can utilize to monitor progress, accelerate diagnoses and enhance patient treatment. In addition, the Mobile Therapy system provides practice management tools for clinicians.

"Based on our research and preliminary results from the Mobile Therapy pilot study, it’s clear that a significant data gap exists regarding patient well-being in between therapy sessions," comments Dan Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard University and senior scientific director at SelfEcho.

"Mobile Therapy aims to narrow this gap by providing clinicians with actionable information about what’s happening to and with their clients during the time between appointments, within a centralized mobile platform designed to improve mental healthcare."

SelfEcho launched a pilot study of its Mobile Therapy system in early October, in which selected, licensed clinicians from various mental health sectors participated. Preliminary feedback from the pilot study indicates that the system and its features provide significant advantages to clinicians and their patients.

"Mobile Therapy helps me make informed diagnoses, better plan for treatment, and track progress," comments Dr. Lauren Guy, a licensed wellness coach and clinical psychologist, and president of the Santa Barbara Psychological Association.