Seegene, a developer of molecular diagnostic technologies, has unveiled new QuantPlex HPV28 genotyping test.

The QuantPlex HPV28 test, based on real time PCR quantitative OCE-CCMTA technology, is designed for the detection, genotyping and quantification of 19 high-risk and nine low-risk genotypes of the human papilloma virus (HPV) that are directly associated with cervical, genital area and oropharyngeal cancers.

Multiple studies suggest that quantification of viral burden has proven to be the correct treatment for patients, as molecular testing for the presence and type of HPV became critical when utilized with cytology, especially for neoplasia grade II or higher (CIN 2+).

Studies have shown a link between viral burden and CIN grade, along with a linkage between changes in viral burden and cytological abnormalities, company said.

In addition, evidence suggests that the determination of viral burden in a malignant lesion can be a valuable prognostic indicator of abnormalities.

Seegene founder CTO and CEO Jong-Yoon Chun said, "As a highly multiplexed molecular assays capable of rapidly detecting and quantifying specific infections, our QuantPlex HPV28 Genotyping Assay will help improve clinical outcomes by providing physicians with the information they need to develop personalized treatments for their patients."