The company has designed Capillarys 3 modular and scalable range of automated electrophoresis solutions to meet the needs of medical laboratories, allowing them to improve productivity and separation quality.

The Capillarys 3 suite offers high throughput based on configuration, substantial sample and reagent capability, providing 130 to 390 tests per hour for proteins and from 70 to 210 tests per hour for HbA1c.

Sebia CEO and chairman Benoit Adelus said: "The CE mark means that we can now offer our high value-added analytical solution to health care professionals in a large number of countries."

Capillary 3, which is installed with 12 capillaries and next-generation robotics, can be used to analyze samples at a higher throughput compared to its predecessors.

It will be used to analyze a wide variety of sample types, including serum, urine, whole blood, capillary blood and Guthrie cards.

Capillarys 3 Tera uses the Phoresis Core software, which provides unlimited data storage with retrieval of patient results history, as well as offers network connection to all other Sebia systems or to remote laboratories.

Image: Capillarys 3 Tera will be made available in a number of configurations to provide any laboratory with a truly modular solution. Photo: courtesy of SEBIA 2015.