It is a sophisticated sealant and claimed to be the only one in the market that enables precise control of the curing process.

Its excellent adherence to native and synthetic vessels positions Seal-V as an optimal solution to control bleeding in vascular surgeries.

Sealantis CEO Tomer Fuchs noted the company is excited to introduce Seal-V to the European market and to provide surgeons with a new and better option for controlling bleeding from suture-lines.

Seal-V is based on a new combination of an Alginate Pre-Gel and a Curing Mesh. Surgeons have absolute control of vascular sealing due to the fact that spreading is completely separated from curing.

Thus, unintentional dispersion and difficult cleanup are avoided. Upon application of the hardening mesh, Seal-V cures within one minute.

Sealantis chairman Dr Zeev Gilkis said, "Sealantis has been working closely with surgeons to leverage the extraordinary capabilities of its alga-mimetic technology and design products that will be strongly positioned in the multibillion dollars market of wound closure."

Pre-clinical tests presented 76% prophylactic sealing and 100% hemostasis in two minutes in a controlled study using coagulopathic pigs.

In addition to Seal-V, the company has a pipeline of advanced solutions for a variety of clinical needs.

The company is currently working on strategic partnerships towards the market launch of Seal-V.