Saint Francis Healthcare Partners—the physician hospital organization (PHO) and accountable care organization (ACO) for Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center (Trinity Health – New England)—will deploy Orion Health's Amadeus precision medicine platform, which leverages open-data technology to capture, store and align patient information from multiple providers and insurers.

In addition, SFHCP has purchased Orion Health's Coordinate and Amadeus Analytics products to ensure the timely delivery of incisive patient information to health care professionals.

"The personalized health solution will enable SFHCP to proactively share patient information and treatment plans across the care continuum," said Suzanne Cogan, Vice President, Orion Health.

"This is an important step in the PHO/ACO's journey from population health to precision medicine."

"SFHCP requires a robust IT infrastructure that scales across the many venues of care in which patients are seen," added Cogan.

"Orion Health's solution will enable greater collaboration between SFHCP's partners and other trusted healthcare providers in the patient's circle of care, such as hospitals and insurers."

SFHCP's Chief Medical Informatics and Quality Officer, Sudeep Bansal, M.D., M.S., said the PHO/ACO chose Orion Health following a competitive selection process because of its single suite of synergistic products that enable in-depth analysis and interoperability at both a population and an individual patient level.

"Orion Health is the only software provider with a truly integrated population health management technology stack that was built organically," Dr. Bansal said. "The company's technology is built on modern architecture that will evolve and adapt to meet the rapidly changing business and health care climate in which we operate."

He added: "The platform is flexible, so that it can be adapted to different health care delivery models. In addition, the data analytics capabilities allow us to identify high-risk patients, which allows us to intervene earlier, enhance preventive care and improve the quality of care we deliver."

Wayne Oxenham, President-North America at Orion Health, said the company's solutions are future-proofed to assist health care providers and insurers in making the transition to precision medicine, also known as personalized health care.

"The Amadeus precision medicine platform is appealing to a wide range of health care providers and insurers; this will be the sixth significant U.S. deployment since we launched the platform last year," Oxenham said.

"It is exciting that SFHCP has chosen to enhance the platform with value-added products that will greatly increase its ability to deliver better health outcomes for the growing number of patients in its care."

Orion Health is a technology company that provides solutions which enable healthcare to over 100 million patients in more than 25 countries.

Our end-to-end solution—featuring integration tools, our massively scalable Amadeus data platform with real-time analytics, and applications for care management and patient engagement—enables population and personalized healthcare around the world.